Hugs (feat. Pharrell Williams)歌詞

時長:03分01秒 歌手:The Lonely ..

Female: Hi, this is Bridget, should I come over later?TLI]: ’m sorry, I don’t know a Bridget.Female: Well that’s not what you said when you hugged me last night!TLI: Ha! You think we’re an itemjust because I gave you a hug? Trick, you better think again..WE. ARE NOT. GENTLEMEN.Yo – I’ll hug a girl like it don’t mean nothin’Then turn around and start huggin’ her cousin.I don’t love ‘em, end of the fuckin’ discussionGot ‘em tucked between my wings like Thanksgiving stuffing..She wanna hug from behind – I did it.Then her friend jumped in – I’m wit’ it.I hug ‘em tighter than a tube topAfter that, it’s just a matter of timeBefore the other shoe drop..I get more hugs than Oprah selling drugs,And the drug was pure X – no!, Mary Jo Sex.Just hugs..Don’t get mad, girl. We get mad girls,And we’re hugging all over the world.So don’

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