Yolo (feat. Adam Levine & Kend歌詞

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YOLO - The Lonely Island.YOLO.YOLO, you only live onceThe battle cry of a generationThis life is a precious giftSo don't get too crazyIt's not worth the risk.You know that we are still youngSo don't be dumbDon't trust anyoneCause you only live once.Ugh, you only live once, that's the mottoSo take a chill pill, ease off the throttleNever go to loud clubs cause it's bad for your earsYour friends will all be sorry when they can't hearAnd stay the hell away from drugs cause they're not legalThen bury all your money in the backyard like a beagleCause you should never trust a bank, they've been known to failAnd never travel by car, a bus, boat or by railAnd don't travel by plane, and don't travel at allBuilt a bomb shelter basement with titanium wallsAnd wear titanium suits in case pianos fall on yaAnd never go in s

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