Semicolon (feat. Solange)歌詞

時長:02分35秒 歌手:The Lonely ..

Semicolon - The Lonely Island.Okay everyone,Welcome to grammar classToday we're learning about semicolonsOh, oh, ohYes, Lonely Island?We use semicolons everydayCan you give me an example?Oh, hell yeah.Get ready for a whale of a time: ShamuMy whole team coming clean: shampooThese dudes is comic relief: WhoopieAnd I'm the motherf*cking monster: cookieWhen you see me better cross the street: FroggerThen go home and write about it: bloggerDid I do that? UrkelYo Angela, who's the boss? MerkelI'll take you where you've never been: OxnardThen make you suck a bulls' nut: ox nardIf Miss Moore married Josh: Demi BrolinA comma and a f*cking dot: semicolon.We run these streets: stop lightsAll eyes on me: spot lightsEach semicolon brings us closer to the top.I'm loud and I'm zipping around: jet skiYour d*ck

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