Meet the Crew歌詞

時長:01分57秒 歌手:The Lonely ..

Lonely Island, we got the whole family hereTime to meet the crew, y'allMy name is Worm, you could call me J AugustRide around town bumping Fugees in a tortoiseYo, I'm Artemus Prime, also known as Young SandwichLonely Island got amigos like my man John LanisKeith in the house but you can call me Young DadRocking pink Adidas, never wear pratI'm little Tony, I'm always playing with MaxMake you run out the room 'cause my booty's gangI want the fat one, they call me Fat BobI get all the ladies even though I'm a slobI'm Piccolo Pete, I'm a part of the crewYou'll know that it's me from the sound of my fluteHell, I'm Sick Eric, I'm always sickYou can catch me on the corner taking antibioticsThey call me Smooth Guy 'cause I be drinking mad smoothiesYou think I got my name from my voice, that just ain't soochyThey call me Creepy Z, you know I do my own thing<

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