Perfect Saturday歌詞

時長:03分19秒 歌手:The Lonely ..

Perfect Saturday - The Lonely Island.YeaThis beat remind me of back in the daySunshine chillinMan, tell em about your perfect Saturday.Woke up at ten, no worries at allAnother sunny day in LA, that’s how we rollHit my homie J cuz he rolls the blunts tightHead’s still spinnin from the freaks last night.Yea man, you know I got the sticky for shoAnd 5 females coming over at 4.I’mma hop in the shower, clean my nutsThrow on the polo sport to impress the stunts.Rollin up in the Charger with the suicide doorsTop down cruising as I head to the store.Jim has some brews, everything that we needThen back to the crib smoking indoor weed.It’s the perfect Saturday, there’s knock on the doorMan these girls are here early, it’s a quarter to four.Man, which of these freaks I’mma see in my bedOpen the door and see my

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