Beneath Our Feet歌詞

時長:04分34秒 歌手:Horsebeach

Bruce Springsteen - Countin On A Miracle
Its a fairytale so tragic
Theres no prince to break the spell
I dont believe in the magic
But for you I will, for you I will
If Im a fool, Ill be a fool
Darlin for you
And Im countin on a miracle
Baby Im countin on a miracle
Darlin Im countin on a miracle
To come through
There aint no storybook story
Theres no never-ending song
Our happily ever after Darlin
Forever come and gone
Im movin on
If Im gonna believe
Ill put my faith
Darlin in you
Sleeping beauty awakes from her dream
With her lovers kiss on her lips
Your kiss was taken from me
Now all I have is this...
Your kiss, your kiss, your touch, your touch
Your heart, your heart, your strength, your stre