Too Soon To Say Goodbye歌詞

時長:03分36秒 歌手:Gareth Gates

Too Soon To Say Goodbye
Gareth Gates
So many times
I've played around
Moving from one to another
I've been a fool
I've been unkind
But being with you made me discover
That trust and honesty
Is all I really need
And I should never let it slip away
'cause girl
Seeing you shine by the candle-light
Got me hooked, and it feels so right
So good that baby I
I don't want this night to be over
Stay right here oh please don't leave
Let's star in our own love scene
Then chill and spend the night
It's too soon to say goodbye
It's too soon to say goodbye
Darlin' I know
You're the type who goes slow
And trust when I say
I don't mean to rush you
But give it some thought
If you're all alone
You're just gonna wis

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