Pictures Of The Other Side歌詞

時長:04分01秒 歌手:Gareth Gates

Song:Pictures Of The Other Side
Singer:Gareth Gates
Album:Pictures Of The Other Side
Gateth Gates new album out at 25.06.2007
We have watered our tears we've watched them grow
Having seen in the years that come and go
We remember the world that's in our mind
So that everything you have ever seen
Every colourful memory that's in
Every one of our heads is opening
We come and the stars shine in our eyes
We're taking pictures of the other side
And then we slide
We come and birds fly over head
Got lost between the blue skies that the rain sent
And we can fly
If you've tired of listening close you mind
You can leave all your reason far behind
We have spoken in sliences before
We have everying all you have to do
Is think of me I'll sing to you
We're delivering messages of who

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