時長:02分24秒 歌手:Feeder

Yeah yeah.. oh hmm
I don't know how
I don't know why
But girl it seems
You've touched my life
You're in my dreams
You're in my heart
I'm by myself
When we're apart
Something strange has come over me
A raging wind across my seas
And girl you know that your eyes are to blame
And what am I supposed to do
If I can't get over you
I come to find that you don't feel the same
Cause I'm fallen
Girl I'm fallen for you
And I pray your fallen too
I've been fallen fallen
Ever since the moment I laid eyes on you
I loose my step
I loose my ground
I loose my self
When you're around
I'm holding on for my life
To keep from drowning in your eyes
Girl what have you done to me
To make me fall so desperately
To think that I don't even know name
No, no
How am I supposed to live
If I can't get over this