I ll Leave It Up To You 超經典的磁性男生抒情歌曲歌詞

時長:03分36秒 歌手:超經典的磁性男生抒情歌曲

I ll leave it up to you
Tell me what you wanna do,I will leave it up to you.
告訴我你想做什麼, 我會讓你決定
But I don t wanna lose you now Tomorrow or forever.
I ll give you all the time you need
Hoping you will come to see,That you and I were meant to be
希望你會來看看 你我將要一起創造的未來
Made to be together .
I m so scared,I never thought I d never lose the love we shared,
我是如此受傷 我從沒想過 我永遠不會失去我們的愛
The love that always felt so right.
I ll leave it up to you, cause I know,I could never let you go,
我會讓你決定,因為我知道 我永遠不能讓你走
I ll leave it up to you to decide.Search your heart your soul my eyes,
I promise you there s no deeper love than mine.
We could try to start again,We were once the best of friends.
我們可以試著再次開始 我們曾是最好的朋友
Tell me you remember when,.You