Same Mistake(附註:我愛你)歌詞

時長:04分15秒 歌手:James Blunt

James Blunt - Same Mistake
So while I m turning in my sheets
And once again I cannot sleep
Walk out the door and up the street
Look at the stars beneath my feet
Remember rights that I did wrong
So here I go
Hello, hello
There is no place I cannot go
My mind is muddy but
My heart is heavy does it show
I lose the track that loses me
So here I go
Uhuh uhuh uhuh
And so I sent some men to fight
And one came back at dead of night
Said he d seen my enemy
Said he looked just like me
So I set out to cut myself
And here I go
Uhuh uhuh uhuh
I m not calling for a second chance
I m screaming at the top of my voice
Give me reason, but don t give me choice
Cause I ll just make the same mistake again
And maybe someday we will meet
And maybe talk and not just speak
Don t buy the promises cause
There are no promises I

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