Where Brooklyn At? (Interlude)歌詞

時長:00分43秒 歌手:The Lonely ..

Yea, it’s not as good as their first albumbut there’s some funny stuff on itI disagreeI think they’re all wackExcuse me young peopleYeaPerhaps you could help me, I’m a bit lostSure, no problemWhere Brooklyn at?You take the Williamsburg Bridge or the…Where Brooklyn at?What? Are you actually asking if…What about Queens?Are you serious right now?What about Queens?Puerto Rico hoeOh oh, we’re not Puerto RicanPuerto Rico hoeActually I’m quarter Puerto RicanI didn’t know thatWhatever, it’s not a big dealPuerto Rico hoeYea, I’m just realizing this guy’s crazyWhere Brooklyn at?歌詞編輯:活在當下

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