I Run NY歌詞

時長:03分05秒 歌手:The Lonely ..

Ladies and Gentleman, the mayor of New York.Good morning.It's been brought to my attention that many rap artistsclaim that they run New York.But this is not the case.In fact, I wrote my own song about what it's really like.Please excuse the profanity in advance.Hit it.I run New York!New York, big city of dreamsand you know that I run this townking of the streets, dressed in concreteskyscrapers on my crown.So if you want this Big Applecome try to take a bite!Cause I run this motherfucking cityand I won't give it up without a fight!.Yo I run New YorkIt's a pain in the assThe city's crowded as fuckand it's covered in trashand the sanitation chief just shoveled shit in my faceanother transit strike? aw, fucking great!I can't wait to have another meeting with the labor unionso that Mark can bend me over and then sh

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