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Renegade Five

Renegade Five的個人資料

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樂隊名稱:Renegade Five(聖嘆五息)樂隊組建於2005年,後來在一次演出中,被唱片公司相中,簽下了契約。English Instruction:Renegade Five are a Swedish band but all their songs are in english. They have an awsome rock sound.This band started 2006 in Karlstad Sweden. The members Per Lidén, Hakan fredriksson, Per Nylin, Harry Kjorsvik and Peter Damin thought that there was a lack of good heavy rock with strong melodies and attitude, a music they all love but only could hear from bands far away from Sweden. The first show they did was in Karlstad March 2007. It gave them a record deal and a trip to La andViper room,The whiskey a gogo, a chance to get close to the american audience. Their debut single was released in Scandinavia August 2007!Renegade Five在08年發布新單曲 Darkest Age,而這張Underground Universe是他們的處女專輯


整張專輯聽下來很爽,強勁的節奏,大氣的編曲,流暢的鏇律以及主唱粗獷的嗓音,配合演繹出了這張勁到十足的專輯。當然,專輯中也不乏像Seven Days, Love Will Remain之類的偏溫柔一些的抒情搖滾歌曲,同樣也屬佳作。這支樂隊在內地還沒有著火,但是R5們相信,他們會得到越來越多的人的認可。畢竟,實力,在搖滾界是不二法門。 《Underground Universe》【唱片公司】: Universal Music【發行日期】: 2009年02月06日【專輯風格】: Powerpop/ Rock


01. Memories02. Running In Your Yeins03. Darkest Age04. Save My Soul05. Shadows06. Stand For Your Rights07. Love Will Remain08. Loosing your Senses09. When Youre Gone10. Seven Days11. Too Far Away12. Set My Heart On Fire

Renegade Five歷年演唱過的歌曲

  • 2010-07-01歌曲:Sevendays BY

Renegade Five歷年專輯

  • 2009年推出專輯:《Underground Universe》