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時長:06分15秒 歌手:Metallica[金屬樂隊]

Mudvayne - The Hate In Me
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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Lend me your children to borrow
I just need to send them away
Long eyes and tears of sorrow
I promise I'll keep them safe
So sorry it didn't work out
You believed the liar in me
My God My love My life
My World My loss My rage
Agnostic for the greater good
When the good things seem to be
few and far between
Conscious loss of conscience
Packed the body on ice
just to keep it numb
Blame some things on the past
Threw away everything that I had
Unraveling for the last time,
stepping out of my skin
Cast in Armor
The hate in me, feeling so empty
The guilt I swallow
Carve the line, skin the face
Stare through me
We'll leave you hollow
Assembly of the militant
What are you in our game
Order through anarchy